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Since 1990 Arno Kroon is being busy with the breeding of new Daffodils. At first it was hobby-like but as times go by it became more proffesional. He has many contacts with breeders from Holland (amongst others Van der Veek) and abroad (amongst others Brian Duncan). From his own breeding and of others he has raised some special daffodil varietys.

Also in cooperation with the Wageningen University a special breeding program was started.

Since 2005 Arno contacted three bulbgrowers from Holland to participate in the breeding-programs and to proffesionalyse the breeding and selection. From this the first steps of our company Narveco were made. The official launch of Narveco has taken place in November 2011.

At this website we want to introduce you to the already in proction taken daffodils, The program for the next years and possible new varietys in the future.

If you are interested in our varietys or have any questions please contact us at

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